Questions and answers around the BMW Motorcycle GPS

My BMW charger reports "Error"

Basically, ‘BMW Motorrad’ has communicated a restriction of use for older BMW chargers. This means that charging via the on-board socket with installed accessories at the accessory plug is not possible. According to ‘BMW Motorrad’, this restriction for motorcycles from production 2009 should no longer apply. Due to our many years of experience with this device and the current ‘BMW Motorrad’ Charger, we recommend only the current model. You can not cause any damage when connecting your old charger. In most cases, the charger reacts with the "Error" mode. Charging directly to the battery is also possible with older BMW chargers at any time.

My GPS device does not switch off after switching off the ignition

Switching off the accessory port depends on the current consumption and can, according to ‘BMW Motorrad’, take up to 15 minutes (see also on-board literature). This depends on the battery charge status of the navigation device. Experience has shown that switching off in conjunction with the GPS-Interface may take up to 20 minutes. After the first "falling asleep" of the control units, the connection to the navigation system is then completely and safely disconnected. This symptom is more likely to occur after the initial installation, since the devices are usually fully charged after the ride and therefore the power consumption is low.


My battery is discharged despite using the GPS Interface

In some vehicles, after completing the charging process via the vehicle power outlet and removing the charger, the control units may not turn off (go to sleep). For safety reasons, after removing the charger, the ignition of the machine should be switched on once for a short time in order to activate the "falling asleep" process.

What is the difference to the cheaper connecting wires from other suppliers and the original BMW connection wire

The original BMW connecting cable is already installed in the BMW GPS Interface.

The BMW GPS Interface also includes a relay circuit that eliminates the creeping discharge of the battery. The variants of the other manufacturers correspond to the original BMW connection cable, which is not intended for accessory devices. The devices are properly powered, but discharge the battery when the ignition is off. This prevents the GPS-Interface!

Where is the accessory plug at my BMW model?

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