100% compatable - the all-rounder for your BMW Motorrad

Motorcycle Battery Charger MID010000

100% compatible witz the BMW GPS Interface!

In addition to charging convetional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteribatteries (Gel/AGM) the high quality Motorcycle Battery Charger MID010000 also allows fully automatic, microprocess-controlled charging and maintenance of all original BMW Motorrad lithium-ion starter batteries with 12 V and cappacity of 4 to 88 Ah.


Particulary noteworthy is the fact that original BMW Motorrad lithium-ion starter batteries can be charged an maintained using the MID010000 Motorcycle Battery Charger.


With the Motorcycle Battery Charger MID010000 you can supply all original BMW Motorrad batteries and be prepared for the future.


Full automatic, energy saving charging and trickle

CAN-bus capable

Illuminated display with chargin progress indicator

Splash-proof multifunctional housing

Many mounting options (e.g. wall mountin, or hanging on the handlebars)

Resuscitation function from 0 volts

Charging current adjustable between 1 to 3 amps with integrated battery test

Emergency start function for deeply discharged batteries


Technical Data:

230 V/ 50Hz wth power plug type C (Euro plug)

Charging Voltage 12 V

Maximum Charging current: 3A

Final Charging Voltage  14,4 V- 14,8 V

Size: (l x w x h) 135 x 120 x 50 mm

Weight: approx. 770 g

Motorcycle Battery Charger MID010000

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